Let’s skip the small talk and get to know each other. 

What I’m listening to right now: Minuet of Tinnitus in D minor, though it’s usually too noisy around here for me to notice the ringing in my ears.
Favorite candy: Junior Mints
Favorite Cylon: Leoben. I’d play house with him any day, and unlike Starbuck, I wouldn’t stab him in the throat at the dinner table.
Favorite Jedi: Princess Leia. Bet you didn’t know she was a Jedi—only true nerds know that.
Favorite Novel: Jane Eyre
Favorite Band: Sorry, that’s like asking me to name my favorite child—the answer changes every day.

Okay, so now that we’re properly acquainted, let’s talk about what led me to write fiction. I resigned after nine years of teaching when my second child was born in 2005. At first it was all unicorns and rainbows, but over the next couple years I started feeling like a goldfish in a shot glass. My mind was hungry, and instead of a compulsive overeater, I became a compulsive over-reader, consuming dozens of books each month. It wasn’t enough. Teaching had given me a creative outlet—seriously, making grammar look fun takes mad skills—and that’s what I was missing. So I started writing.
Remember as a kid when you used to stealth-read under your covers with a flashlight, and all the oxygen would get used up in just a few minutes? Remember how good it felt when you’d pull back the covers and fill your lungs with fresh air? That’s what it felt like when I started immersing myself in a fantasy world of my own design. My first story died a slow, quiet death around 13,000 words, but then I learned to outline—turns out I’m not a pantser—and I’ve finished two novels since then. I love being home with my little ones, but I swear to you that writing saved my sanity.
So here we are. I’m beginning the long, potholed, land-mine-filled road to publication by searching for a literary agent. Querying is addictive and I’m having more fun than I expected, but I’ll probably eat those words once my inbox starts filling up with rejections. Oh, well. It’s all part of the journey, right?
Welcome, and thanks for reading!