I’ve been blessed with two amazing critique partners. Seriously—I’m not blowing sunshine up your server—reading their manuscripts is a pleasure, not a chore. I love thinking I’ve helped shape some wonderful novels; plus, I get to read these books long before they reach the general market. But I do have one complaint: reading for hours on my laptop’s backlit screen makes my eyeballs throb.
Sure, I could buy a Kindle and upload the manuscripts that way, but what about my notes? I’d have to write them down—By hand! Egad!—and can you imagine keeping track of every errant or missing comma during line edits? It’s just not feasible.
So this is what I’d like from those geniuses at Apple: a tablet or netbook small enough to fit in my purse with an e-ink screen, a usb port, and a perfunctory keyboard. Oh, and for less than $300, please. Make it quick, before I go blind.