I’ve only been querying for three weeks, so I’m not ready to abandon my dream of traditional publishing any time soon. But you can bet your sweet Aspercreme I’m watching the “indie” market with rapt attention. Now, if you’ve ever read a self-published novel, it’s highly likely you’ve encountered flawed plot lines and grammatical errors that make you want to torture the book until it begs for death. That’s because many (disclaimer: not all) self-publishers release their work into the world without hiring a professional editor first. Big mistake. That’s where e-publishers come in, sometimes helping separate the polished manuscripts from the rough.
There’s a new “boutique publisher” in town, and their model intrigues me. Entangled Publishing screens their submissions, and if an author’s work is selected, she’ll receive the services of an editor, publicist, and cover designer, with a 60/40 royalty split. One of my friends—an extremely talented, award-winning writer—has already submitted to Entangled. I wish her the best of luck, and I’m eager to see what happens when Entangled launches in 118 days.
Fellow writers, I’d love to hear what you think about traditional, independent, and electronic publishing. Anonymous comments are enabled, so feel free to “[vent] your entire spleen,” as they say on the AW rejection and dejection board.