I’m happy—no, make that over the moon with glee—to announce I’ve accepted an offer of representation from Nicole Resciniti of the Seymour Agency. Pull up a chair and let me tell you all about it.
I read this interview with Nicole on the Mother.Write.(Repeat.) blog, and her philosophy on the agent-client relationship resonated with me in a big way. Nicole’s free and open communication style was precisely what I was seeking in a literary agent, and she came across as compassionate in addition to ridiculously intelligent. When I read that science fiction “intrigue[s]” her, I queried Nicole with my YA sci-fi, and a couple hours later she requested the full.
Fast forward a few weeks. Even though I hadn’t heard back from Nicole, I decided to send her a query for my other manuscript, a short contemporary romance. Again, she requested the full, and I sent it off with a little prayer. Three days later, (while I was talking on the phone with one of my critique partners about Nicole), she called and offered me a contract.
I was stupefied, but I tried my best to hold it together and sound semi-articulate. She said all the right things and really impressed me with her enthusiasm, and after giving other agents a few days to read requested material, I made my decision and accepted Nicole’s offer. I’m excited to begin my brand new career with her, and I feel so very grateful for this opportunity.
Thanks for reading and for all your support. Now it’s back to work—that pesky synopsis isn’t going to write itself. J