Many years ago, I visited a friend and her husband in their new home. While giving me a tour of the place, the husband stopped in the master bedroom, swept his hand toward the king-sided bed, and said, “This is where the magic happens.” My friend rolled her eyes, seemingly unimpressed by her husband’s abracadabra, and I felt like a dirty perv because I couldn’t stop picturing them together. Pass the brain bleach.

What does that have to do with today’s topic? I want to know where the magic happens for you, as a writer. Do you work best in an office? On the sofa? Custom-build treadmill desk?

I’ve staked out a corner of my bedroom for an office, and I’m most efficient there. Just pretend you don’t see twitter on my laptop screen.

And here’s my writing companion, Fredo. Hard at work, just like me.

What about you, writer friends? Where does your magic happen?