Don’t you just love a good romance? One flawed hero and one quirky heroine who come together (yes, that way, too) to find earth-shattering love, and who live…you guessed it, happily ever after. Sigh. I enjoy reading it even more than I enjoy writing it.

But that doesn’t mean the genre is perfect. There are a few cringe-worthy tropes within romance that really get my goat.

My biggest romance pet peeve: when the hero’s like an old roller coaster–everyone’s had a ride–and the heroine is pure as unicorn tears. Barf. While I’ll concede this setup works better in historicals, it still pulls me out of the story.

Recently, I read a brand-spanking-new novel by my favorite contemporary romance author, (who shall remain nameless). Upon meeting, the hero’s an epic manwhore while the poor heroine hasn’t seen any action in six years. Sorry, I’m not buyin’ it–not in 2011.

How about you, readers? Any elements of romance that annoy you?