Let’s be honest–we’re all friends here, right?–navigating the road to traditional publication is no easy task. Instead of lions and tigers and bears, aspiring writers must overcome gatekeepers and rejection and self-loathing…oh, my! So, in order to hold on to the last shreds of my sanity, I’m trying to savor each milestone along the way, little celebratory moments such as:

My first query and manuscript request

The day my agent offered representation

My first offer (from Sourcebooks, for a three-book deal!)

Signing the contract (yes, I took pictures and you can find them on my Facebook page.)

Which brings us to…my very first advance check! That’s right, folks, someone liked my writing enough to PAY me for it! I have proof!

Thanks for being here to share this new milestone in my journey. Next stop: my first cover!

Wooooohooooo! Cash money, y'all!