I’ve been tagged by Bella Leone. According to the rules of the game, I’m supposed to search my current work in progress for the first usage of the word “look,” paste the surrounding paragraph into my blog, and tag as many people as possible. Here’s a  paragraph from book three in the Sultry Springs series, Surrender to Sultry:

But Colt decided to look on the bright side. Once he locked up these yahoos, he wouldn’t have to see their ugly mugs for at least two days. “Sheriff to base,” he repeated into his mic, letting a smile lift the corners of his mouth. “Tell Horace to bring the van for six drunk and disorderlies.”

One hour and two cups of coffee later, Colt stood facing a pile of invoices, Post-It notes, and “urgent” phone messages from the mayor—a step up from dealing with drunkards and cow shit, but not by much.

I tag: Lillie Flynn, Jessica Lemmon, Kate SeRine, Kait Ballenger, and Marisa Cleveland.